Beryllium Oxide BeO substrates

Beryllium Oxide (Beryllia) Substrates

Beryllium Oxide (Beryllia) substrates have thermal conductivity of 260 W/mk - that makes it the desirable material for high power microelectronic applications. Until fairly recently, this has been the case but now there is a controversy! Is BeO safe? Judge for yourself.

Because of the safety controversy and also the cost, Beryllium Oxide has lost its popularity and Aluminum Nitride is replacing BeO in numerous applications. Aluminum Nitride substrates are more expensive than 99.5% Alumina Ceramic substrates but not that drastically.
Hybrid circuit designers sometimes choose Aluminum Nitride because they are not sure if alumina has the required thermal conductivity. Other times it is, of course, an absolute necessity. Beryllium Oxide substrates are being chosen less and less frequently.
















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